McAfee Stinger (64bit) for Windows

McAfee Avert Stinger is a tool dedicated to the detection and removal of a number of specific viruses that should not be used as a substitute for a normal antivirus. It is very useful to deal with the common threats that circulate on the network: viruses, worms and their variants. Specifically, the current version of McAfee Avert Stinger eliminates more than 600 threats.

From the McAfee Avert Stinger preferences panel it is possible to enable or disable the analysis of the processes and the boot sector, and select the action to take when a threat is found (report, repair, rename and delete).

The list of viruses that McAfee Avert Stinger can remove includes illustrious names such as the following: W32 / Bagle, W32 / Blaster, W32 / Bugbear, W32 / Conficker, W32 / Mydoom, W32 / Netsky, W32 / Sasser.worm, W32 / Sober , W32 / Spybot.


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