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Knowing how to write on a keyboard does not mean, far from it, knowing how to type. In fact, the most common thing is that we learn incorrectly, acquiring vices and hobbies that make us less efficient when typing. Perhaps with a good tutor to guide us with techniques and tricks to write better with the keyboard we can improve our dexterity and write faster.

A typing course for children and adults.

Different techniques to learn typing

If you are not able to use all the fingers of your hands to write you are wasting your time. Or at least that is what experts in keyboard writing maintain, on whose techniques and methodologies it is based MecaNet. A program that offers different methods to improve the way we deal with a keyboard.

And it also does it with software that accommodates different types of users, with built-in features to teach kids typing and that offers an agile and entertaining system of tools with which to improve and speed up our writing with the computer keyboard.

  • Learn with MecaNet: in this tool we are shown letters and we must press them in the correct order to gain fluency and know the position of the keys. We can use the new version of the program, the classic or the minimalist version.
  • Timed exam: after choosing a text file, we must write it while MecaNet time us. Through this exam we can check our evolution.
  • Generate Exam: if some keys cost you more, you can create your own test in which specific letters are practiced.
  • Child mode: this is a version of the course for the little ones.
  • Practice playing: with simple games you can improve your fluency while having fun.
  • Practice with Personal Trainer: it is a personal tutor that adapts to the mistakes made by the user to reinforce these aspects.
  • Learn with Keyboard: the version of the typing course is used Keyboard.

Strengthen user skills

This software what you are looking for is to reinforce the user’s competencies in different areas, some of them going beyond writing with a keyboard:

  • Improves learning to read and spell.
  • Improves coordination and laterality problems.
  • Exercise attention, concentration and self-control.
  • It encourages a correct use of the computer, gaining time and productivity.

This is a good program that even if it is for PC (compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 10) also serves as a typing course for Mac, since the keyboard, except for some functions, is practically identical.

What’s new in the latest version

  • The possibilities of the course have been expanded and improved.

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