Media Player Classic – Home Cinema 1.9.9 for Windows

Media Player Classic Home Cinema is a complete Open Source audio and video player capable of playing a myriad of formats and incorporating a myriad of functionalities that make it one of the most robust and efficient programs in its category.

One of its greatest assets is how light it is, being able to play videos fluently on very little powerful equipment even at high resolutions. In fact, MPC-HC (its shortened name) is capable of playing large files at 1080p resolutions with virtually no dropouts or lag. Media Player Classic Home Cinema includes all types of video decoders, including H.264 and VC-1 with support for DXVA or Direct Video Acceleration technology, it is capable of playing DVD or BluRay discs, audio CDs and even playing for DVB television signal, not to mention its countless additional options, such as the support and customization of subtitles or even the automatic search for them on the Internet for the video we are playing.

Without a doubt, Media Player Classic is one of the best options when choosing a complete multimedia player, whose extensive customization options, speed and compatibility with formats make it essential on any Windows computer.

How to download subtitles with Media Player Classic

In certain cases, it is usually a hassle to search for certain subtitles on the net for films, documentaries or series that we have in English. Beyond the use that each one gives to the consumption of audiovisual products, thanks to the complete Media Player Classic player we can save deep searches through overcrowded databases by having an option that automatically finds the subtitles for us. We explain how to use it.

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