MediaHuman YouTube to MP3 Converter

MediaHuman is a company with a certain tradition when it comes to creating programs for PC. They have several tools to download things from the internet or perform format conversions, but if they are popular for something, it is because they have one of the best programs that exist to download YouTube videos in MP3. MediaHuman YouTube to MP3 Converter it is so easy to use that even your grandmother would be able to download the songs of Mocedades in seconds.

How to use MediaHuman YouTube to MP3 Converter

All you have to do is open the program and provide it with URLs. He takes care of check if it is a single video or a playlist and add everything to the download queue. You simply click on the classic down arrow button, an unequivocal sign that we are going to fill our pockets with something, and wait. In a few seconds you will have your video in the MP3 compressed audio format in the folder of your choice.

In the options you have different settings that may interest you. Besides MP3 you can download things in M4A format and also adjust quality of the resulting audio, but be careful because it will be useless to put the highest quality if the source source offers the audio already compressed, as it happens on YouTube.

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