MediaPortal 2.3.1 for Windows – Download

MediaPortal is an open source initiative consisting of the development of an application capable of turning a computer or television into a true multimedia center.

The origin of this project resides in the XBOX game console. The person in charge of supervising the works got tired of the lack of preparation that said device offered to this system. Hence its adaptation to Windows.

Does Windows Media Center sound familiar to you? Yes? MediaPortal is the GNU alternative to this Microsoft program. Even its interface is similar!

But … What can I do with this tool? Crowd of actions. For starters, if your computer has a TV capture card, you can watch TV and schedule the recording of your favorite shows. Supports various international TV formats.

Not only television, but also radio. If your tuner supports radio, with MediaPortal you can manage the available stations.

On the other hand, you can watch DVDs and get information from the Internet about the discs you play. The database that the program accesses is ‘The Internet Movie Database’ or IMDB.

With MediaPortal you can also listen to all the audio files that you have on your system and create playlists based on your preferences. Let’s not forget the photographs that, of course, you can see on your television or computer screen.

Finally, RSS news or weather information are other activities that you can carry out with this phenomenal tool that is still under development.


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