MediBang Paint 26.1 for Windows

MediBang Paint is a design and drawing program, which is especially aimed at comic and manga artists, offering a series of particularly useful features for creating panels, vignettes and paginated. Whether we want to draw comics or not, in any case, it is a very versatile tool.

The first thing that will attract the attention of any MediBang Paint user, especially if they have already used some other similar tool, is that its interface is simple and very accessible. As if this were not enough, in addition, on its official website we will find dozens of tutorials with which to learn from the most basic to the most complicated. In just half an hour we can be creating our own comics or illustrations starting from scratch.

As is usual in this type of program, in MediBang Paint we will find more than 80 types of brushes at our disposal to create whatever we want. It also has a multitude of pre-generated backgrounds with which to give more life to our compositions. And of course, we will have all the classic tools, such as the pen, the watercolor, the round brush or the acrylic paint, to name a few examples. In addition, as already mentioned above, it will allow us to create bullets and panels with special ease.

It is difficult to find a more comprehensive program than MediBang Paint when it comes to creating drawings and comics. Not only will it allow us to unleash our imagination to create whatever we want, but it will do so through a simple interface, which we can master in a few hours. On its official website, we will also find lots of additional resources to download.


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