MeshLab 2020.12 – Download Free

Under free or GPL license we can find quite a few interesting tools for graphic design and 3D modeling. Between them MeshLab, an interesting software to process and edit triangular meshes of 3D designs. The first version of the program was released back in 2005 and since then it has been used in different fields of research, academics and project development.

The purpose of this program is to allow the handling of large meshes as well as their editing, rendering and conversion to other file formats. Everything is geared for your processed to prepare models for 3D printing.

Main features and functions

This tool offers the following functions for the development of projects of this type:

  • Adjustment of 3D models.
  • Visualization and presentation.
  • Color processing.
  • Reconstruction of objects.
  • Color and texture mapping.
  • Ready for 3D printing.
  • Cleaning of models.
  • Comparison of models.
  • Scaling, positioning and orientation.
  • Model conversion and exchange.
  • Simplification, refinement and overlock.
  • Integration with images.
  • Size adjustment and analysis.

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