Microsoft Power BI Desktop (64-bit) Download (2021 Latest) for Windows 10, 8, 7

If you use Microsoft’s Power BI service, you must also use the reporting and analytics application called Microsoft Power BI Desktop. Both tools can be used together on your desktop computer. Some of the features you will receive include data query capabilities and data visualization tools, which are interactive and help you produce professional all-inclusive reports to share with clients and business partners.

Multiple sources for importing data

The tool is designed to look like other Microsoft Office applications. With just one click, you can access all available data import tools and visualization tools. In the meantime, you will have a multi-page workspace. In the workspace, you can drag and drop different objects and items.

The tool supports a variety of different data sources, so the demands of most users need to be met here. Supports Excel workbook documents such as TXT, CSV or XML; regular folders; database files such as Oracle, Access, SQL Server, DB2, IBM, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft Azure, Sybase; Sharepoint, Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, Google Analytics, Hadoop, Github, Salesforce and Cloud Services. New tables can be created by writing data manually. The versatility is outstanding with this tool when it comes to data connection.

Produces powerful visuals

Microsoft Power BI Desktop is an advanced reporting tool that enables you to produce visual representations based on complicated data. That way, a layman can understand the data more easily than if it were just raw table data. The images include a variety of charts and graphs, indicators, maps, and cards. Additionally, the tool allows you to import additional custom visualizations.

You can access various elements of the chart with one click, such as colors, legends, axis data, filters, values, labels, reference lines, and many other things. The report can be customized in a number of different ways. You will have the option to select the fields that go on the chart and the fields that you want to ignore. You can enhance your pages by adding shapes, text boxes, and images. Data sets are like database tables because they allow you to organize field relationships.

Strong reporting tool designed for business users

Power BI for Desktop has an interface with a modernized design and easy-to-access options. It is an advanced reporting tool that can manage large amounts of data sets from a variety of sources. You can combine these data sets into a comprehensive report and then share them on the software platform. You cannot save reports in any other type of format. If you have the desktop edition, you will not need to log into your business account with the Microsoft Power BI application. The only time you need to log in is when you want to publish your reports.

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