MiKTeX 20.12 – Download Free

MiKTeX is a word processor based on LaTeX, the text composition system that is distributed as a free software license aimed at the composition of writings that claim to represent high graphic quality.

A complete editor for TeX / LaTeX

The text editor has a very basic interface, similar to that of notepads and plain text editors. Offers very interesting features for working with TeX and LaTeX:

  • Simple installation of all its components.
  • It has a package of more than 800 different fonts and macros.
  • It integrates Yap, its own viewer for files in DVI format.
  • It has TeX and LaTeX compilers, tools to generate bibliographies and indexes and generators of PostScript, PDF, HTML files …
  • It has its own control console from which to manage configurations, updates and component packages.

One of the main advantages that this text editor offers compared to others that also work with LaTeX is that it has the function to automatically update itself by downloading the latest version of each of its components, without having to manually check when they have been released. That way the user always has the latest packages available.

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