mIRC 7.64 – Download Free

One of the systems that promoted communication through the Internet was, without a doubt, IRC (Internet Relay Chat), which, like current instant messaging systems, was used to chat in real time.

The Internet Relay Chat client

In order to connect to these communication networks we need a client, which provides us with an interface from which we can chat. mIRC is an ideal tool to communicate through the IRC protocol, which will allow us to keep open different conversations simultaneously, create lists of our preferred networks and channels, keep our contacts in order thanks to an agenda and configure a warning system according to our needs. You can also use it to send or receive all kinds of files from your contacts.

Thousands of chat channels are waiting for you.

Under a simple, but more than effective interface, which we can configure completely to our liking, we will have the opportunity to communicate with users from all over the world who use this protocol to talk. Download mIRC as soon as possible and discover one of the best systems to communicate in the history of the Internet.

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