MixPad Professional 6.51 for Windows

MixPad Professional is a tool that will allow us, thanks to the enormous amount of functions that it makes available to its users, to create our own mixes and edit any sound file at will, giving the final result a professional finish.

This very complete mixer will adapt to any type of user and their possible needs, since it will allow to perform from the simplest tasks, such as noise reduction, trimming of tracks or attenuating the sound in specific sections, to the most advanced functions such as the possibility of compose simple melodies thanks to its built-in midi composer, apply a large number of acoustic effects by customizing the nuances of these as you like or use advanced visual equalizers to achieve the perfect sound for your creations. Additionally, MixPad Professional does not put any limits on the number of simultaneous tracks you can work with, so the creative possibilities are virtually limitless.

MixPad Professional also offers a large number of options when exporting your finished project; from converting the final result to practically all audio formats to direct burning of your content on a CD.

Whether you want to put together a podcast, cut out the chorus of your favorite song, or professionally create quality original content, MixPad Professional will more than meet all your needs, free of charge.


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