Monosnap 4.6.0 for Windows – Download

Monosnap is a program for Windows with which we can take screenshots in a simple way. It will be enough to choose a type of selection to move the cursor through the screen of our PC until we select the area that we want to cut. In a matter of seconds we can share the ‘screenshot’ or store it in any destination path.

One of the key aspects of Monosnap is that we can take a multitude of screenshots in a fluid way. In addition, the program offers us the possibility of capturing both still images and videos. This will allow us to store all the content we need from the same tool.

Through Monosnap we can also add text, shapes, figures or any line we need to explain any concept to our contacts. Thanks to a simple toolbar, we will have at our disposal everything necessary to introduce all these additions in each capture.

Monosnap is one of those programs for Windows that will help us gather visual information through screenshots. Just by marking the area to be cut we will have everything ready to store the content in any folder on the PC or in the cloud. In fact, from the utility’s own website we can quickly access all our ‘screenshots’ without complications.


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