1.6.19 for Windows – Download

Keeping track of all our tasks is often difficult when we do not use a tool to manage them. is a practical application for Chrome with which we can keep a complete track of all the important events that we need to remember. will allow us to manage our personal and work life in a very simple way, creating to-do lists, supervising projects or controlling our agenda at all times.

As all the information is added via text, no user will have problems when using, which gives us greater flexibility when working with the tool.

The application, which on the other hand will allow us to import data from other online tools such as Trello, Todoist, or Wunderlist, has very simple keyboard shortcuts designed to facilitate its use.

It has the option of grouping information using hashtags, adding contacts using other tags and exact dates using the at sign, which greatly simplifies the work of entering new data and events.

On the other hand, we can collaborate with other people on shared documents, being able to put group work in order directly from our home or office PC.


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