mrViewer 5.7.0 (64bit) for Windows

mrViewer is an excellent image viewer for Windows with which we can open any file directly on our computer. The great compatibility with high-quality formats such as EXR or HDR make this tool an option to be considered by designers and graphic developers.

The mrViewer interface is very simple and the entire environment is designed so as not to distract our attention from what is really important, the display of each image. This is why each frame will be shown in the central area and from the sides or the toolbar we can manage the attributes.

In mrViewer not only can we view the content in a simple way, but we are also offered the possibility of managing the frames per second. This is very interesting to proceed to glimpse layers of renderings or designs composed of three-dimensional shapes. In addition, we will always have access to the metadata and any information of interest related to the image.

mrViewer has everything you need to view simple or 3D images from your PC. With a simple and fully adaptable interface, we will have no problem making the most of the information contained in each file.


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