Mythruna 20120627 for Windows – Download

Mythruna is an open-world role-playing game, which uses Minecraft-like mechanics so that players can interact with the world around them. That is, they will be able to alter any element of the terrain around them: break it, fix it, build it, and so on.

The game is in a very early development phase in which most of the races that will be in the final version (human, elf, dwarf …) are not yet available, and the result is that it currently looks a lot like the game. famous Minecraft creative mode.

This means that although in the future there will be more items available, at the moment Mythruna only allows you to take blocks from the stage and add them, manage inventory, and little else. We will be able to build our own strengths and much more, but we will not have all the features of an RPG that is expected.

Mythruna is a very fun experience that Minecraft fans will love. The reason is that it has several unique elements and a similar visual style, but extremely careful.


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