Navegador Tor 10.0.7 – Download Free

Tor has the solution for your problems Privacy: browse anonymously. If you do not like to leave a trace, you want to connect to networks that you cannot enter or you need to skip some type of proxy or similar protection, Tor is a tool that will encrypt your browsing and make it impossible for someone to follow your steps.

Browse the Internet hiding your identity

Although the encryption of the data that is sent and received is not 100% secure, the anonymity of the user is. This software uses a technique called onion routing that uses a huge network of specialized servers to hide the IP and all user information. Has a design prepared to withstand attacks on a large scale trying to find out the identity of any of its users.

As their own site indicates, many journalists, NGOs or bloggers use Tor browser to obtain skip country censorship where they act since although you can see the data that is sent, you will never be able to find out from where. In addition, it is also possible to create a web server that connects through this network, keeping its location completely secret.

Safe browsing without censorship or restrictions.

It is presented as a very simple software to use that will automatically connect to the correct server and that will start working instantly without the user having to configure anything at all, but being able to easily carry out all kinds of configurations if needed.

This browser has become very popular in recent times due to the growing psychosis (quite justified) related to espionage cases carried out by government organizations, the most notorious case being the NSA. In fact, we can not only download Tor for Windows PC: there are also versions for Mac and Linux. Regarding mobile devices, the Android and iOS operating systems have browsers based on the same technology that, although not developed by the same project, offer similar guarantees of anonymity and privacy.

It has been developed from the open source version of Mozilla Firefox, but as is obvious, that part of the code that makes the official version of Mozilla’s browser a vulnerable product in terms of privacy, like other browsers such as Google Chrome or Opera, has been retouched.

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