NetWorx 6.2.9 for Windows – Download

Networx is a free application for Windows that will allow us to see how fast we are downloading and sending data to the network.

It has a simple query mode: just by clicking on the Networx icon located in the system tray we can know how fast we are receiving and sending data over the network.

It also has a window with more detailed information on data transfers, a speed analyzer for our network, a route analyzer and an information window on the use of the network by the programs.

In the program options we will be able to choose whether to monitor all system connections or only those that occur from a specific network adapter.

From this same preferences window we can define other parameters such as the information that we will receive when clicking on the icon in the system tray, the way in which the program will start, the appearance of the detailed view graph and we can even define notifications related to the speed and amount of data received or sent, as well as to assign an alert or a certain action in each case.


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