Nmap 7.91 – Download Free

At the time of perform a network audit and analyze which ports are used for each team one of the best tools that can be used is Nmap, a program used since the Command line, but that is distributed together with its own frontend the GUI (Graphic User Interface): Zenmap.

Easily discover weaknesses in your network

The main idea behind Nmap and Zenmap is to detect the status of all the ports of a network, in such a way that after entering the IP of any computer on the network, the user can find out which ports are open and which are closed.

At the same time, Nmap as well track services that are active on the analyzed computer, so that it will be possible to find out what it is being used for. Similarly, Nmap can provide the user with data about the operating system which is installed on the target computer and what version it has (a technique known as Fingerprinting, since it is like taking a fingerprint from the computer).

Become an expert in security auditing.

As a curiosity, it should be noted that Nmap has been used to a greater or lesser extent in a few Hollywood movies, creating its appearance in Matrix Reloaded a stir on the net.

Therefore, if you want find out what weak points your computer network has, you only have to descargar Nmap free.

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