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Internet browsing presents more and more risks thanks to the innumerable threats to which we can be exposed if we are not very cautious. One of the precautions that we can take to navigate safely is the installation of a program that provides us with a VPN service, since it will serve to make our browsing anonymous and, therefore, no one will be able to know who we are or what we do when we are online .

The best VPN according to the opinions of specialists

As has become common in tools that create virtual private networks (VPNs in English), Internet activity is kept private and secure, protecting three aspects such as the following:

  • Browse the Internet without restrictions: access without geographic restriction to any online content. That is, if you cannot use a P2P service, watch a video on YouTube or access a blocked website in your country, now you can access without censorship. Some people use it in their country to watch Netflix.
  • Wi-Fi network security: you can use public networks without fear that your private data, such as bank credentials, may be intercepted thanks to the encryption of data traffic.
  • Absolute privacy– Your Internet activity becomes opaque when using a private route with military encryption. Your IP is spoofed and the real one is undetectable.

Your browsing privacy is guaranteed.

The application is available not only for Windows PCs, but also for other platforms such as Mac or in APK format for Android. To guarantee this service, NordVPN uses the following features:

  • Double data encryption.
  • High-speed servers in over 1,000 locations around the world and 60 different countries.
  • Easy to install and use: download and press ON / OFF.
  • No servers to store your activity log.
  • High speed.
  • Automatic kill switch to immediately shut down designated sites that cannot be accessed without VPN.
  • Proxy extension for Chrome.
  • Protection against DNS leaks.

You may find a major drawback in not being able to use this service for free as it is possible to use others. But of course, it must be taken into account that the characteristics of NordVPN they are too advanced to be used for free. Usually other services free they are much more limited in aspects such as the number of servers they offer, the browsing speed or the time of use.

Is recommended version full of this tool, since it will provide you with everything you need to navigate safely and anonymity. For this you have three different plans to use it for a month, half a year or a full year. What are you waiting for?

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