Notion 2.0.11 for Windows – Download

Notion is an outstanding tool thanks to which we can organize documents, databases, audiovisual material, notes, meetings or calendars from the same program. In addition, we have the ability to share any page in the workspace with other Android or Mac devices.

One of the keys to Notion is that the platform is capable of becoming an ideal resource for workers, students or collaborators of any project. We just have to fill in blank pages to shape our particular wiki with the intention of generating a resource base as organized as possible.

Another aspect to highlight about Notion is that we have multiple tools to edit and shape each text we write. In the same way, at any time it will be possible to use any of the available templates or create tables and links that take us to other pages of the private space that we create. In addition, we will always be offered the option to share the resources through other external tools so that anyone can view or modify the content.

Notion is an indispensable program with which we can maintain an organized structure within any business or academic institution. Thanks to its minimalist interface, it will be very easy to manage multiple processes from the same tool.


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