OBS Studio 26.1 for Windows

OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software) is a tool that will allow us to record our video game games and broadcast them over the Internet using services such as the popular Twitch.tv.

To configure OBS Studio so that we can broadcast our games over the Internet, we will only have to get the ‘stream key’ of our Twitch account, something that we can easily do by consulting our ‘dashboard’. Among the configuration options, OBS users will be able to choose from resolution to frames per second, including audio outputs. In addition, we can change the video encoding system, or establish keyboard shortcuts.

A very important step when configuring OBS Studio to broadcast is creating a profile. To do this we just have to right click on the ‘sources’ and add the one of the game we want to broadcast. It’s that easy.

The app also allows us to record our games and store them on the hard drive. For this, it will be enough to change the option to broadcast, to store locally. In this way we can save any game in MP4 format.

OBS Studio is an excellent broadcasting tool that will not only allow us to broadcast our games, but will also give us the possibility of doing it in a simple, comfortable and fast way.

How to capture video from Android games

One of the main problems when recording video directly from our Android devices is the bottleneck that occurs when trying to render the recording in real time through an app for this purpose, having to deal with the execution of both at the same time. Luckily, there are tricks to improve their quality by launching the apps from an Android emulator for PC and capturing it with a desktop utility for this purpose such as Open Broadcaster Software.

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