OCCT: OverClock Checking Tool 7.2.5 for Windows

OCCT: OverClock Checking Tool is a tool that will allow us to quickly detect any errors in the hardware of our equipment, as well as possible overclocking failures. In this way, if something is wrong with our computer, we can detect it before it causes irreparable damage.

The interface of OCCT: OverClock Checking Tool is very intuitive. On the left side we will have three different graphs with the use of the CPU, the GPU and the RAM memory. At any time we can carry out a specific test that will put these three aspects of our computer to the limit, to detect any possible error. On the right side of the interface, on the other hand, we will find a detailed summary of our system, the temperature, the voltage, the frequency and the speed of the fans.

OCCT: OverClock Checking Tool is a very useful tool, thanks to which we can monitor the proper functioning of our PC, as well as diagnose any possible errors. And all this from an elegant and easy-to-use interface.


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