Ocenaudio 3.10.1 for Windows – Download

Ocenaudio is a free and very easy-to-use audio editor with which you can replace other sound programs with which you are not completely clear. This multiplatform tool is capable of editing and analyzing any audio track in a simple way, selecting the parts that you need to modify with the mouse and applying the effects or corrections from the control bar located at the top of the interface.

With Ocenaudio you will be able to do very specific tasks such as playing the files, eliminating fragments until adding effects, correcting small sound errors (such as noise), applying transitions, recording new changes as a separate file or changing the format of the audio you want to edit. The program’s interface shows the window to which you must drag the audios and, once this is done, it presents a graph of the waves that you can select, cut, copy or edit directly. In addition, you can always work with two clips simultaneously, one appearing at the top and one at the bottom.

In short, Oceanaudio is presented as a great totally free solution to edit your audio files.


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