OkMap 15.5.1 for Windows – Download

OkMap is a tool thanks to which we can make modifications and create routes on any map that we have scanned or downloaded, to later export the result to a GPS.

The program recognizes all types of files: from low resolution JPG images to vector maps in which you can zoom to the smallest detail. Of course, we can also use maps from Google Maps and Google Earth directly, being able to even import them in three dimensions.

OkMap’s features, although accessible to any user, are clearly aimed at a smaller audience dedicated to rescue work in forest areas, sports such as mountain biking or fishing, or even boat riding or plane.

OkMap is, therefore, an application full of possibilities and with many layers of depth. If we want it simply to trace routes on the GPS it will work, but if we are looking to make a complex hiking plan for the whole day as well.


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