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OneDrive (previously SkyDrive) is an application that will allow us to store lots of files in the cloud to later access, manage, download or share them directly from any terminal.

Once we install OneDrive on our computer we will have all the storage in our account (7GB by default, 25 if we already had OneDrive before), with all the files it contains, fully available so that we can manage it to our liking. We will be able to see the images already uploaded by us directly from the program, and upload any important document or file to access it at any time from any other computer.

In addition, not only will we be able to view the photographs online, but all the Office files that we have stored in our account can also be viewed directly without the need to install anything. Adding files to our account is as simple as dragging them inside the window, being able to even order them in this way to always have them at hand.

OneDrive is a very useful tool for any user, since it basically gives our team a few extra GB of storage that we can use as we please. The cloud at our disposal.

Comparison: Cloud Storage Services (2019)

Lack of space on our devices is one of the biggest concerns of our times, considering that we are storing more and more photos, videos or files that occupy more space on our smartphone. Also the fear of losing or breaking the device in which we store memories is present, which is why cloud storage services are presented as the best solution for that double fear of running out of space or without memories.
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How to backup our data on Android

In a recent study carried out by Western Digital, alarming statistics related to the usage habits of users when making backup copies have been revealed. 27% of respondents say they have ever lost valuable information from their mobile devices because they never made a backup. This data is more shocking if we take into account the amount of services and tools that allow us to automate this process. We explain how to make backup copies of our data stored on an Android device in different ways.

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These are all Microsoft applications for Android

Recently Microsoft officially announced that it was throwing in the towel with Windows Phone, so the company’s new strategy is to promote the use of its applications in the Android operating system. The arrival of a new launcher and the announcement of the mobile version for the Edge browser are just the tip of the iceberg of the entire range of tools that we can find. These are all the Microsoft apps that we can install on our Android device.

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