Opera GX 73.0.3856.344 for Windows

Opera GX is a new variant of the well-known browser, this time focused on offering services and functionalities for video game players on PC. Although it is an edition that shares a core with the standard version, it includes enough changes to consider it a totally different product.

Beyond its colorful aesthetics and more sophisticated lines, Opera GX includes unique features such as a CPU and RAM control system to limit the consumption of browser resources while it is running, which is especially useful for streaming. In fact, the focus on this type of practice is evident with the integration of an exclusive Twitch tab within the browser, as well as the possibility of watching videos in overlapping popup windows.

Other features common with other products of the company are also included, such as an integrated web ad blocker, a VPN service or integration with the web versions of messaging such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. In fact, all our bookmarks and settings can be exported if we already have an Opera user account.

Opera GX is, in short, an interesting tool for users who want to have a fully personalized browsing experience with functions that suit their user experience, in this case focused on the consumption and dissemination of PC video games.

Opera GX, the new desktop browser for gamers

The Opera family of products is growing. If the recent Opera Touch advocated serving as a bridge between the desktop and mobile applications, now it is the turn of a new flavor designed for those who consume video games on PC: Opera GX is a new browser based on version 60 of the same but with a series of additions focused on the consumption and diffusion of streaming videos among other common practices of the gaming universe.

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