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Valve was the pioneer company in the distribution of games through a digital platform thanks to the launch of Steam, and over time competing companies have realized that this type of platform can also be used as a good instrument of protection against piracy, as Electronic Arts (EA) with Origin.

Have your games updated on all your computers

Among the advantages offered to the user is the possibility of buy any Electronic Arts game in digital format and associate it with your account, so that you can install it on as many computers as you want.

Games for all ages and all audiences.

Moreover, also can be associated with physical games through their code, and from that moment it will be in charge of notifying the user when there are updates for the games they have installed, so that they always have the latest version of the game available.

Essential digital platform

With its latest games, Electronic Arts has also decided use this program as an anti-piracy checking method, since series titles like Battlefield or Mass Effect require it to be installed in order to play.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy the latest Electronic Arts games and also know at all times if they are up to date, you need the client of their virtual store.

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