Origin 10.5.92 for Windows – Download

Origin is Electronic Arts’ digital download and purchase platform. That is, a service similar to the well-known Steam that we will need to install and use if we want to play some of the most important releases of the North American company. To enjoy all the company’s games, we will need to use this platform, from which we can easily buy the games and download them as many times as we want. In addition, we can have our list of friends, talk to them at any time and even give them games.

One of the great advantages of Origin is that it allows you to have everything on the Internet without depending on something happening to your computer. You can re-download your games whenever you want, and even resume your saved games, which will be stored in the cloud. In addition to all this, the platform comes with some free games so that we can start enjoying it without having to go through the box.

As time goes by and EA launches new games, Origin becomes an indispensable platform for PC players, and more so considering that it has large licenses such as FIFA, Battlefield or Dragon Age among many others.


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