Paint Shop Pro 2021 – Download Free

Paint Shop Pro gathers more than 20 years of Corel experience in the world of photographic retouching and graphic design to contribute one of the best photo editing tools on the market.

This program is aimed at a non-professional audience, which is evident in some automatic functions and the intuitiveness of its interface, but it contains almost all the features of most professional applications, far surpassing what would be its Adobe equivalent, Photoshop Elements.

The Corel Image Editor

With Paint Shop Pro we can work with layers and make all kinds of adjustments on our photos, as well as applying a wide range of effects. The program can batch process and take HDR photos.

On its most intuitive side, has a complete Learning Center With which we will discover its most hidden tricks and functions. We will also enjoy its retouching automatisms, which will allow us to improve images in a single step as if by magic.

The best thing about this amazing app is its price. Used to insulting figures for these types of applications, even if they are not completely professional, the price Corel asks for its license is really competitive.Corel Paint Shop Pro is a must-have for hobbyists that will satisfy even the most demanding professionals.

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