Pale Moon 28.17.0 – Download Free

Millions of users trust Firefox to surf the Internet. Still, there are flaws, and Pale Moon comes with the idea of ​​polishing them so that you can enjoy an improved version that keeps the appearance of Mozilla almost intact.

Free download of Pale Moon will allow you to use a browser based on Firefox but with new features that optimize its operation and make it up to 25% faster according to those responsible.

An open source browser

Pale Moon achieves power script processing and reduce memory consumption by disabling redundant and optional code, so it improves the loading of web pages. This is mainly due to the optimization in the use of the new processors that have appeared in recent years.

A simple and efficient browser.

If you are a Firefox user and have a certain suspicion of change, you should not fear. You can export your old profiles, settings and bookmarks to Pale Moon, which also supports the fox web browser extensions and themes.

Do you use Firefox? Try to download Pale Moon free, a browser based on Firefox capable of increasing the original performance of the product by 25%. Import all your profile data and settings and enjoy an optimized version of Mozilla’s browser to the max.

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