Password Safe 3.55.0 (64bit) for Windows

Password Safe is a utility that allows you to effectively manage all the passwords that you use to access your email accounts, forums, banks and other Web pages.

With this program you can store both the user names that you registered in the different sites as well as the passwords that you use for each one. Each user input can be assigned a group with which to more quickly locate an account and its corresponding password.

The application includes a tool to generate secure random ‘passwords’. The parameters that can be configured are the following: length, capital letters, symbols, etc. Password Safe protects the database of passwords using the ‘Twofish’ encryption algorithm so that no one but you can access it.

The best password managers for your smartphone

It is difficult to remember all our passwords, that they are all different and that they are also sufficiently secure. The best way to always have your security credentials for applications, services and social networks at hand is by using a password manager for Android. Are password managers safe? What are the best free password managers you can have on your smartphone?
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