PDF Shaper 10.6 for Windows

PDF Shaper is an application with which we can carry out any task related to files in PDF format, since it has a series of very necessary tools in the edition of this type of formats.

With it, we can edit or create PDF files from scratch, all in one, without having to go to several applications that perform these tasks.

It is capable of performing a large number of functions, among them, converting PDFs to Word .doc format, extracting text and images from any PDF, converting an image to PDF, or vice versa, including JPEG, BMP or PNG formats. We can also divide a file into several PDFs and combine several into one, encrypt or decrypt them and adjust their permissions.

If you need to work with PDF files, this tool is the most suitable for carrying out any type of operation that we need, thanks to the wide range of possibilities it offers.


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