PDF24 Creator 10.0.11 for Windows

PDF24 Creator is a tool designed to create and edit documents in PDF format. The program is equipped with two options: open any document that you want to save as PDF, or use a virtual printer that installs the same program to transform your documents into PDF before printing.

The PDF24 Creator virtual printer will be available to any application with printing options such as Microsoft Word, OpenOffice and other similar programs. To create a PDF with this tool, just send the document to print and the PDF24 Creator wizard will open automatically so you can save or view the created PDF file.

Installation is very simple, you just have to follow a few simple steps to have the program on your computer and, when we want to print a document, choose the virtual PDF24 printer. This application also includes the PDF24 Editor tool so you can make the changes you need to your PDF files and even take screenshots to create the new PDF document.


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