PDFsam Basic 4.2.2 for Windows

PDFsam Basic is a program for Windows with which we can interact with our PDF files effectively. Through this open source utility, we will have complete freedom to edit any document that we store on our PC without investing too much time in this task.

The PDFsam Basic interface is designed so that we focus our attention on the editing of each PDF file. Thanks to the good distribution of the elements, it will be enough to upload each one of the files to our computer to start making changes to them.

One of the interesting functions that PDFSam Basic incorporates is to be able to join or separate different documents. In this way, we will no longer have a problem linking all the documents we need or segmenting the same file into several parts. On the other hand, the ability to flip any page will allow us to create good compositions of PDF files without any complexity.

PDFsam Basic is a good option if we are used to managing numerous PDF files. With the different editing tools available we will have it very easy to modify our documents with total privacy and without having to resort to other more complex programs.


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