PhotoStage Pro Edition 8 for Windows

PhotoStage Pro Edition is a curious tool that will allow you to create dynamic video montages using your personal photo library.

Using PhotoStage Pro Edition is very simple as it works as a simplified basic video editor; To import your collection of photographs into the program, you will simply have to drag them to its main window. Once there, you can select and order them at will on the timeline, from which you can add a large number of transitions, effects to images, texts or even audio tracks with which to accompany the final assembly. Once you have finished the creative process, you can both export the file to your computer and share it directly on your favorite social networks.

One of the most interesting functions that PhotoStage Pro Edition offers is the possibility of generating a presentation, with its effects and transitions, fully automatically. This function will be especially useful in situations where we need an emergency montage but we do not have time to edit it manually. Just drag the photos you want to appear in the video and let PhotoStage take care of adding transitions, zooms and other effects to them in a surprisingly efficient way.

Thanks to the intuitive interface of PhotoStage Pro Edition, anyone can give the perfect gift to that special person or recall great memories in a different and fun way


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