phpBB 3.3.3 – Download Free

There are millions of forums where you can exchange impressions with other users with your same interests, surely you have already actively participated in one. It would most likely be created with phpBB, also know as PHP Bulletin Board.

The best software to create and manage forums on the Internet.

phpBB is a PHP based forum creation system to build your own user communities. It is the most popular tool on the web and offers all kinds of advantages, including its ease of integration with other platforms.

Why choose phpBB?

  • Developed on databases MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server y Microsoft Access.
  • Includes a member management system with advanced configuration options.
  • Ban any user permanently.
  • It allows users set up your profile with your own avatar, signatures and emoticons or skins.
  • It allows you to create user groups, exchange private messages and send attachments.
  • Developed by a free community that also offers mods additional customization.
  • It includes Support documentation and video tutorials.

An operational forum in minutes

With a basic knowledge you can get your forum system up and running in a few minutes. The setup is really simple. As an administrator, you can comfortably and efficiently manage the activity in your space, also taking advantage of the security benefits it includes.

Whether you want to create a meeting and discussion space for small groups of friends or for a large community of users, phpBB is the solution you were looking for, an efficient, easy-to-use and free forum system.

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