Piano Marvel 10.24b1 – Download Free

Marvel plan it’s a program whose objective is that we learn to play the piano from our computer. These piano lessons are held online with a MIDI keyboard. We have at our disposal various lessons with different levels, some easier to start, and others more complicated for higher levels. When we start a lesson we will have to play the notes of the score at the moment when the blue line passes through them. A very fun way to learn to play the piano.

Your virtual piano teacher

To start the lessons you will have to connect your MIDI keyboard and start with the first lesson. You will be able to see the score, and a blue band that goes through the notes and you will have to play them at just the right moment. Once the lesson is over the score will appear. As you pass lessons, the level of difficulty will increase. Marvel plan It also has other resources to help you learn this instrument. In the repertoire section you will find a large number of themes, and You can consult tutorial videos with people playing those songs. As well you will have at your disposal all the scores in PDF to be able to print them. If you want to learn to play the piano from your computer, download Marvel plan and get it in a fun way.

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