PicPick 5.1.4 for Windows – Download

PicPick is a digital image editing program focused on designers and editors who need to take and retouch screenshots quickly and efficiently. The editor has several capture modes, so you can choose whether to capture the entire screen or just a specific area. For the latter, you can choose between capturing an active window, a rectangular area, a free area or the browser window.

Once you have the capture in the PicPick window, you can apply effects to it or retouch it with conventional editing tools (brush, lines, geometric figures, color selection tool, insert letters, etc.). Some of the effects available to you are to focus and blur the image, apply grayscale, mirror the image horizontally or vertically, adjust the brightness, saturation, contrast and color properties, etc.

Finally, PicPick allows you to work with several images simultaneously thanks to an interface divided into tabs, and it also has several fully configurable keyboard shortcuts with which you can shorten the screen capture process.


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