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Regarding image editors for Windows, not everything begins on Instagram or ends in Photoshop. Yes, both applications are the most used and have millions of downloads and users, but the one we have here is also interesting. Of course, it is more similar to the social network of images than to the Adobe program, because you already know that for photoshopear in conditions you need a good command of the application.

Maybe the best simple and adaptable image editor for any type of user that does not have a professional purpose marked that you can use in Windows 10, ahead even of the already mentioned Instagram whose desktop client for PC was launched not too long ago. PicsArt Photo Studio is a all in one photo editor, collage maker, drawing tool and social network.

Photo editor with social network

Well yes, friends, here we also have the possibility of access a social network where we can share all our creativity with other users when retouching images. Okay, that’s fine to feed the ego with a lot of likes and repostsBut if you think about it from a creative point of view, it can help inspire you with the work that other users do, right?

Share with other users and learn from them.

Main features

  • Photo editor with all kinds of functions to make adjustments and retouching.
  • Make collages with their specific function for it.
  • Manual drawing tool.
  • Dozens of filters you can use.
  • Share photos with your friends.

And although in-app purchases included, these are optional. You can use the editor for free without any problem with all its functions. These purchases, of course, will help you expand the range of effects, filters and others.

You can use it on the desktop of your computer but you can also download its APK if you use Android or its corresponding version for iOS (iPhone and iPad) or macOS, thus being able to synchronize your creations. You will simply have to click on our button Descargar and install the corresponding APPX file that will install the software version from the Windows Store.

Finally, to get the most out of the features of this tool, you have the possibility of using a guide or tutorial that explains how to retouch photos by adjusting lighting parameters or creating compositions between them as a collage.

What’s new in the latest version

  • Now you can edit images in high resolution.
  • Ability to use multiple tools that work with layers.
  • Allows you to access the Templates of PicsArt.

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