Pidgin 2.14.1 for Windows – Download

PidGin (formerly known as Gaim) is a popular multi-protocol, multi-platform instant messaging client that had to change its name at the time due to legal issues with AOL. Use PidGin if you don’t want to give up the different instant messaging accounts that you keep active, since from its interface you can chat indistinctly with Skype !, Yahoo, ICQ or AIM users and even with participants in an IRC chat room.

The number of messaging services that PidGin supports is unsurpassed, since it also allows access to others not so well known such as Bonjour, QQ, Zephyr, SILC, Lotus Sametime, Google Talk or MSN, among many others. The program allows the sending of all types of files, supports emoticons and notifications, includes a status function and even shows notifications when one of your contacts is writing you a message. In short, PidGin is still a recommended application to chat with your friends as if time had not passed.


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