PingStatus 3.4.0 for Windows – Download

PingStatus is a practical tool that will provide us with real-time access to all the information related to the status of our Internet connection by checking from the Ping shipment of packages to a specific address. In this way, we can know if our connection suffers cuts or there are too many data losses in sending and receiving. When we start the monitoring with PingStatus, we will have at our disposal an updated graph at all times with data such as the status of our connection minute by minute, the packets we send and receive, those that have been lost and the level of sending ICMP packets. request and response.

This tool is very useful to help us, for example, to control the upload and download limits of our download manager. On the other hand, and thanks to the possibility of controlling the cuts that we suffer in the connection, we will be able to know if we are exploiting to the maximum the resources that we have contracted with our service provider.

PingStatus is, in short, a good tool to know at all times the status of our connection, thus facilitating better navigation by being able to control all the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat may affect its performance.


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