PlayOn 4.5.108 for Windows – Download

If you are a subscriber to several payment platforms and you like to follow the broadcast of different television channels, PlayOn is a practical tool with which you will have access to all your channels, free or paid, together, without having to open the profiles of each each time you enter.

The first thing we have to do is open the PlayOn options and enter our credentials in all the channels that require it. In this way, and once we have entered them all, with a simple click we will have access to our YouTube or Netflix accounts, for example. In these cases, the profiles will be synchronized so that we have access to all the content that we have stored in each of them.

After filling in these fields, we will be able to close the configuration menu, and automatically, we will have an icon available on the computer through which we will access all the channels that PlayOn offers, including the ABC, CNN, FOX, National Geographic or Showtime channels.

By clicking on any of the channels, we will access all the categories in which your videos are framed, and once we have chosen the file we want to play, we can choose the player with which we will do it. All channels and videos will be stored in the cloud, so they will not take up space on our hard drive.


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