Plex for Windows – Download

Plex is a complete video and audio player designed to serve as a living room media center thanks to its interface in the style of a Smart TV, with a graphical menu system and great possibilities when it comes to synchronizing our media library for online playback .

One of the greatest attractions of Plex is its ability to automatically extract the information of each movie or series that we have stored, showing us both the cover and its synopsis among many other data of interest. All this information is perfectly integrated with the menu to offer an experience designed to act as a living room player.

The player includes all kinds of options to mark content as a favorite, insert and calibrate subtitles, play most of the most used formats and search our collection through all kinds of filters, including one that marks us which videos we have already seen. Even with all this, its greatest asset lies in the possibility of interacting remotely with a computer that has Plex Media Server installed (also on Uptodown), with which we can play the movies remotely even if they are located on another device connected to the net.


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