PortableApps.com Platform 17.1.1 for Windows

PortableApps.com Platform is a tool that will allow us to create an executable with all the portable apps applications that interest us, to be able to install them at any time and on any computer with a single click.

So, if the idea of ​​portable or ‘portable’ applications is to be able to take them everywhere and use them without problems, with PortableApps.com Platform we can go one step further by creating a single file from which to quickly download all the ones we use. usual way with one click.

Using the application is quite simple, and we can comfortably organize all the applications according to their category: image editors on the one hand, games on the other, and so on.

PortableApps.com Platform is a very interesting tool that will allow us to download and obtain tons of useful applications in a matter of seconds. We will only have to open the ‘Portable App Directory’, choose the applications we want, add them to the executable and that’s it.


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