Praat 6.1.39 – Download Free

Talk is a program specially designed for phonics teachers and students. This application allows the user to record or load a sound file and view it graphically represented.

Bring the graphical representation of audio to your PC

The interface used in Talk It is very austere, but considering that it is a studio application, this is not a big problem either. The program interface is divided into two, a window where you will work and select the actions to be carried out on the different sound files, and another window where you can see the graphic representation of the sound.

In addition to being able to be used by professionals in the field of phonetics, who use it to study speech and intonation patterns, it can also be used by students of English as a foreign language to improve their pronunciation in that language.

Therefore, if you want a program to be able to study pronunciation and phonetics in depth, or you are looking for an application that helps you improve your pronunciation when studying English, download and install Talk on your computer.

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