Prevent Restore 2021.01 for Windows

As you probably know, when you delete a file from your computer you are not literally deleting it, but rather the space it occupies in memory is relocated to make it impossible to read. Until that space is overwritten by other files, the deleted information is potentially recoverable thanks to specialized software tools.

Prevent Restore is an application that takes care of overwriting those memory spaces for you, so that you can be sure that the files and folders you have deleted are not recoverable in any way.

Prevent Restore takes care of analyzing the free space on your hard drives and overwriting it to guarantee its final elimination (you can ask it to do it in different ways). Besides, you can optionally also delete the contents of the recycle bin.

The program works in assistant mode, and although the process may take longer than we would like, you have an option to schedule the shutdown of the equipment that is ideal for using Prevent Restore when we leave home or the office.


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