Prism Plus 6.96 for Windows

Prism Plus is a powerful multi-format converter that will not only allow its users to convert video files in a really fast and easy way, but it will also put in their hands a series of tools with which they can edit, in a basic way, the result end of these videos.

Thanks to the intuitive interface of Prism Plus, any user can convert and edit videos at will without the need for additional tutorials or guides. Converting your videos to any format will be as simple as dragging the file to the central window of the program, selecting the output extension, and pressing ‘Convert’ so that in a matter of minutes you can have it, without loss of image or sound quality , of the final file in the desired format. Similarly, Prism Plus also allows the ability to convert more than one file simultaneously.

One of the most interesting features that Prism Plus includes is the possibility of editing basic aspects of any video file, offering the possibility of modifying both the image reproduction size, as well as the different levels of luminosity, contrast or gamma, at will. as well as adding watermark or subtitles.

Prism Plus is undoubtedly the perfect option for those looking for a complete, efficient and easy-to-use converter.


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