PrivaZer 4.0.16 for Windows – Download

PrivaZer is a useful tool with which we can analyze our equipment and other devices in search of elements that can identify us or that make our processes take place more slowly. When you start using the program, it will automatically identify all the devices or hard drives that we have connected to our computer. Of course, we can uncheck some, although by default it will try to analyze everything in search of elements to improve.

One of the most outstanding functions of the application is the one that is responsible for eliminating all traces of files that we have deleted and we do not want them to be recovered under any circumstances. Something that, in addition to improving the speed of our computer, will allow us to gain free space on the hard drive. In addition to this, PrivaZer will take care of eliminating all kinds of useless lists, cookies and other elements that only slow down our equipment.

PrivaZer is a very interesting tool thanks to which we can improve the general performance of our computer, and gain free space on the hard disk with just a couple of clicks. Best of all, you don’t even need to install it.


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