PureVPN – Download Free

Browsing the Internet is not as simple as we may think since there are different dangers and obstacles to which we expose ourselves in our online activity. But to protect ourselves from this we have different methods and tools such as the one provided by PureVPN, a virtual private network service that can help you stay a little more secure while enjoying borderless networking.

More privacy and freedom in your online activity

A private virtual network diverts our connection through a server from which the IP is taken, thus leaving ours masked in the face of the sites we visit. Therefore we obtain these three main benefits:

  • Anonymity: our IP is not revealed when accessing a website or a web service from our computer.
  • Security: our data travels protected and it becomes more difficult to access them.
  • Freedom: By simulating connections from other countries, you can access services blocked in ours or even censored.

To provide this service PureVPN has the following characteristics:

  • 5 simultaneous sessions using the VPN so it can be shared with friends and family.
  • Exclusive servers to guarantee navigation and security.
  • Maximum speed guaranteed.

It is an application that is very easy to configure and install. In just a few clicks the user can be browsing through this service.

Now download PureVPN free is not possible as it is a paid service. However, it offers a period of 15 days during which you can request a refund.

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