PURPLE for Windows – Download

PURPLE is the official NCSoft emulator for playing Lineage 2M on Windows. And not only that, although the second installment of the Lineage saga will be the first title to arrive, the rest of the games developed by the Korean company NCSoft (Aion, Blaade & Soul) will be available later.

How could it be otherwise, PURPLE offers a good range of configuration options so that we can adapt our gaming experience to the requirements of our computer. Thus, if we have a powerful computer, we can enjoy a graphic quality much higher than what we could usually see on mobile devices.

Other very interesting features of PURPLE are those that allow us to broadcast our games in ‘streaming’ easily or communicate comfortably with all the members of our clan and the rest of the Lineage 2M players. Basically, the program will act as an emulator and a social network for NCSoft players.

PURPLE is a practically essential program for those who want to get the most out of Lineage 2M, since thanks to it they will be able to play in a more comfortable way when sitting in front of the computer. And what is better, they will be able to stream their games in the simplest way possible.


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